A downloadable game for Windows

In SparkLink you play as Robi, a robot that can only move when connected to electricity, and Sparky, a bundle of energy that can interact with machinery. 

Follow these two through their adventure as they are joined together to solve fast-paced action puzzles in a large futuristic city.

 Made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2021 

Game Jam Theme: Joined Together 

How to play:
Mouse control – guide Sparky
Left click – interact with objects as Sparky
WAD/ZQD/Spacebar – control Robi when connected to Sparky
R - restart
F11 - fullscreen switching


Made a boulder simulation - Lumpy 
Game Designer - Serponge 
Game Artist - Thomartin https://mobile.twitter.com/ThomartinGD
Programmer - Vermillion https://mobile.twitter.com/vermillion_gd
Music - Novedeth https://mobile.twitter.com/novedeht

SFX- MickelBach https://mobile.twitter.com/mickelbach

A little bit of everything - Disp https://mobile.twitter.com/PoorDisp
Prototype Designer - Spu7nix https://mobile.twitter.com/Spu7Nix
Promo Illustrator - Erdyuri https://mobile.twitter.com/Erdyuri

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer


SparkLink Final.zip 8 MB

Install instructions

Extra Notes:

F11 - fullscreen switching
R - restart


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what game engine does this use

Show post...

I have lots of fun playing, the character's names are really cute and SFX is awesome

I love this game. It feels good to play, it feels good to listen to.

This level was made by a bunch of fellow GD players

cool game

This game was really cool!


Such a joy to play through, everything is so polished and well designed. High ranking is well deserved

colon? Didnt expect you here.

Doubt it's the real colon

Congrats on making top 20 in the GMTK Jam! I wanted to reach out to ask if anyone on the dev team would be interested in participating in an interview about your experience during the jam? Interviews are conducted over Discord and presented live on Twitch.

Coming in for your second win! You'll win a third time next year

once in a while i forget serponge is good at creating actual games and doesn't just make awesome levels in gd.

hm didn't know Spu7nix also made games

best game of gmtkjam 2021


robot and electricyt




yo this actually good wa